Jungle Fitness PT

What is Jungle Fitness?

The picture has always been bigger than just one person. The purpose of The Jungle is to create an environment that will inspire you to challenge yourself. 

So we did just that. Training for over a decade, it only made sense to take a passion and turn it into a reality. 

Specializing in a corrective exercise. We accept individuals who are working post-therapeutically to progress their health. We work alongside health care professionals to get our clients back where they once were. Then progress them even further focusing on injury prevention and strong functional muscle. 

We pride ourselves on training the body to work smarter and the mind to work harder. Our training methodology is geared towards true strength and how we use our strength.

Our coaching takes the guesswork out of health and fitness; offering resources that encourage sustainable practices towards weight management.

We’re real people so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Fitness and wellness is always a touchy subject and we recognize this. The facility is a private studio. We never conflict personal training with our group training sessions.

Here is where you make your final stand to take back what is yours. We will guide you and show you the path; all you have to do is walk it!



Where to find Team Jungle?

Location: 739 Park Ave, Freehold NJ 07728

Email: info@junglefitnessPT.com

Social media: 

  1. Instagram - @gjunglefit / @junglefitnessnj
  2. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GJungleFit/

Website: https://www.junglefitnesspt.com