Danielle Arriaga


Who is Danielle?

"I am a personal trainer at a strength and conditioning gym that works with a wide range of people, from kids to grown adults, people with disabilities, sports specific, weight loss, and just a general workout. I absolutely LOVE what I do to the fullest extent. This job fills me with such joy. I try to live my life in all aspects with a positive mind and heart! I have recently started my YouTube page (link above), Dishing With Danielle. This is were you can find quick, easy and most importantly healthy recipes that are great for everyone.

Helping others with getting a healthier life physically and mentally is what I was put on this planet for. This is just the start and I plan on taking this 100% bigger in the fitness world!

Where to find her?

You can find Danielle on:

Instagram- @danielle_april_fit 

YouTube- Dishing With Danielle

Email- Danielleaarriaga@gmail.com